The most common and popular forex bonus is the forex welcome bonus. Forex market is continuously developing, forex brokers upgrading and offering more service from the past. Forex traders and we are seeing the incredible trade assists. The positive matter is the forex market is now reached at 5 trillion. Now, anyone can become a forex trader, with money or without money.

Forex broker also offers to learn forex trading with the most popular trading platform via a demo account. A person can be a trader without money through a welcome bonus on forex.

Types of forex welcome bonus

Forex bonuses are a good opportunity, but a welcome bonus is quite an excellent opportunity for a newbie. Usually, the forex broker offers two types of forex welcome bonus one is no deposit welcome bonus and another one is welcome deposit bonus.

Forex no deposit welcome bonus

The most common and very popular bonus is the forex no deposit welcome bonus. It’s a signup bonus, a newbie can get it very easily.

Forex trading becoming easier for the no deposit welcome bonus. A beginner doesn’t hesitate to start with this bonus.

No deposit bonus means it is a free bonus from the forex broker, for their client. If you want to start forex trading forex no deposit bonus is the right option.

Forex broker offers an excellent opportunity to learn more, the bonus is totally free, don’t need any deposit. Simply, a newbie needs to open an account, sometimes it needs verification of the account for security reasons, then the broker will give the announced amount, and this way they can start forex trading without own fund.

Forex welcome deposit bonus

It also a forex welcome bonus, but to get this type of bonus a client needs to make a deposit. It’s not a regular deposit bonus, an only a new client can get the welcome deposit bonus.

To more clearly see an example: Like a 10% welcome deposit bonus. To get this bonus you have to be a new customer with the forex broker. If you have an account with this broker, you are not eligible to get this bonus. Only new clients can get this bonus.

To get the 10% deposit bonus, a client needs to open an account, after complete the registration process, needs a deposit.

If the bonus at least deposit is 100 USD, you need to make a minimum 100 USD deposit, after the deposit broker will give you a 10% bonus of your deposit. If you deposit 100 USD, the broker will give you 10 USD, so you can trade with 110 USD credit.

How to get a free welcome no deposit bonus forex

Get a no deposit bonus is easy from the welcome deposit bonus. The conditions of the forex no deposit bonus depending on the forex broker company which you choose, but in most of the cases, client needs to complete the verification process.

Some forex brokers provide just upon on a register with them on the official website. Once have been the registration done, the broker provides the free bonus, and traders can use it on real market trading. If you are seeking don’t forget to check out our website “forex welcome bonus” list.

Usually, the forex broker offers a no deposit welcome bonus from 5 USD to 123 USD that is enough to start forex trading and earning. But, suddenly brokers are offering a big amount for beginners to attract them. Increasingly forex brokers offering 150, 200, 300, 400 even more than 500 USD. However, we have seen the big numbers come in as a forex special bonus during the special occasion or for some specific reason.

However, the number does not always matter, the matter is the forex broker service. The no deposit welcome bonus not only likes newbie, or beginners, forex experienced traders also like the bonus to change broker, trading platform and the trading account.

So you can call it an ideal solution for the forex traders.

Forex welcome bonus is the way to start forex career


Every year the forex brokers are increasing their bonuses and no deposit bonus. The result now trades over 5 trillion in the foreign exchange currency market.

How the welcome bonus can be starting for you? You have money or not it doesn’t matter. When are you getting free money, who will ignore it? Simply no one!

If anyone has no money, he can start forex trading with a no deposit welcome bonus. If anyone wants to feel real trading, he can also start with the free welcome bonus.

If you have fewer funds, you can also start with a forex welcome deposit bonus that will increase your fund. So you can start your forex trading career with more amount.

So the forex welcome bonus can be a starting point of your forex career.

However, the forex broker offers the welcome bonus for newbie traders to learn about the forex market, currency movements, about trading platform features and how to make a profit.


The welcome bonus is an incentive way to provide some education to a newbie who wants to join and learn more about real forex trading. Each broker company has own terms and conditions about bonuses, but not that after complete the required procedure the broker company provides a bonus.

Before taking a forex welcome bonus, carefully look and read the bonus terms and conditions, make sure that the bonus is no deposit welcome bonus or a welcome deposit bonus. If you have any confusion, don’t hesitate to ask the broker, if they have live support, email, phone, fax you can ask your query as your choice of support method.

There is also the withdrawal issue, you can’t withdraw the bonus amount, after trading if you can make a profit the broker will allow withdrawing the trading profit. To withdraw a profit broker set different conditions, so before joining a bonus carefully check out the withdrawal condition.