Forex Bonus


Forex broker offers amazing bonuses for forex traders to enjoy forex trading and taking advantage of the brokers in the trading market. If you are seeking for a good bonus or bonuses instant update is here for you.

Forex broker offers many different types of bonus like forex sign up bonus, welcome deposit bonus, new client bonus, action bonus, regular deposit bonus, a broker anniversary bonus, raffle draw bonus, referral bonus, rebate bonus, cashback bonus, special bonus, occasion bonus, competition winner bonus and more.

A person can start forex trading with a broker bonus in a safe way. There are different methods to choose and trade with a bonus. Some broker offers a simple way to start forex trading with a sign up bonus.

The good and amazing matter is you can start to buy and sell currency mean live trading in the foreign currency exchange market with a broker bonus.

Forex bonus totally depends on the forex broker, but we can categories them such as:

Forex sign up bonus

Forex sign up bonus is a forex welcome bonus. It’s a very simple one from other forex bonuses. You don’t need any deposit, just make a new account, if need any verification, verify your account information you will get a free bonus then you can start forex trading.

This type of bonus is for forex beginners, to learn more about the foreign currency exchange market and a forex broker.

Experts also choose this bonus to change forex broker, account types or trading platform.

Forex welcome deposit bonus

This bonus also forex sign up bonus but you need a deposit to get this bonus. After opening a new account, a client has to deposit a certain amount, then the broker will give a % of the bonus. While needing a deposit and a new sign up this why we called it a forex welcome deposit bonus.

Only new clients can get this bonus, and a maximum of times forex broker offers a deposit bonus one time per client.

Forex welcome deposit bonus is one step long process from a sign up or welcomes bonus. To get a deposit bonus, a client needs verification of the account.


Regular deposit bonus

Forex regular deposit bonus is different from the welcome deposit bonus. Forex brokers offer this bonus for all clients, mean old and new client can this bonus.

In this type of forex bonus broker spicily set minimum deposit conditions, trading currency and instruments, trading account types, trading leverage, minimum trading standard of lot to withdraw the trading profit and bonus trading active time period, etc.

A few forex brokers offer regular deposit bonus on each deposit. It's a good way to stay the client with the. Forex traders also enjoy this bonus happily.

New client bonus

This bonus is different from other bonuses, it’s not a regular sign up or welcomes bonus. Sometimes a few forex brokers offer this bonus to become a new client with them. This type’s bonus amount is very low such as $5 to maximum $30, but usually, the forex broker offers $5 to $30.

After opening a new account, the client needs to send a bonus request. Forex brokers don’t directly offer this bonus on their website. Sometimes clients have to contact before opening an account.

Broker anniversary bonus

Forex broker celebrates its anniversary very happily. Like a broker 5th or 10th year anniversary. The broker offers an amazing bonus for loyal clients and also arrange a raffle draw.

Raffle draw bonus

Forex broker arranges raffle draw for their clients to give some motivation and inspire. It’s not a regular bonus. Also, a few brokers offer this bonus.

Forex broker referral bonus

Forex broker offers referral bonuses to enjoy trading with your friends, family, and relatives. You don’t need any deposit. If you bring a friend to open a live trading account with the forex broker, the broker will give you a bonus. There is no bringing limit. You can invite your friends via live, social media, website, SMS, email and other ways.

Forex broker offers a fixed referral bonus, like a 50 USD bonus. If you can bring a friend with your broker, they will reward you 50 USD.

Forex competition winning bonus

Forex competition means forex contest. Forex broker arranges contest for their clients. Forex broker offers two types of the contest: Forex demo contest, forex live contest.

Forex demo contest

Forex demo contest for demo account traders, to open and trade in demo account doesn’t need any money. It’s not live trading, the broker offers free virtual trading coin or money to practice forex trading. But offers real money to win a demo competition.

Forex live contest

As the name, you can guess forex live contest different from the demo contest. This type of contest is for forex live account traders, forex traders need deposit and register to participate in a live contest. Forex broker also provides cash money and prizes to win a live contest.

These are two types of forex competition winning bonus. Note, forex competition is for experienced and professional traders. It’s better to avoid if you are a fresher or a beginner in currency trading.

Forex special or occasion bonus

Forex occasion or special bonus is only for occasion such as Ramadan Mubarak, Anniversary, Eid Offer, New Year, Christmas and more. Forex broker offers this bonus for a limited time. Clients love to get these types of bonuses very happily.

Also, the forex broker offers a cashback to reduce transection cost on each transaction, it is a cashback bonus.


Forex bonus is good for clients, it can help and motivate forex traders. All of the forex broker doesn’t offer a forex bonus, also all countries are not allowed to offers bonuses. Forex bonuses depend on forex broker and country restriction. Each bonus has different criteria and terms & conditions. Before take a forex bonus, reading terms and conditions is very important, which will help you to achieve the bonus criteria and you can withdraw your trading profit.

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