Earn 500$ on N1CM Lottery Campaign


The draw for the New Year’s gift campaign will take place on January 7, 2022. Only 5 people are eligible to receive this promotion. Two of them will be picked up on their Facebook page and three will be picked up on their Instagram page. Winners must have a real trading account. Campaign winners will be determined by an online lottery. The lottery results will be announced through Instagram and Facebook. The lottery will be done through comments.

Direct Bonus Link: 500$ Per Winner N1CM Lottery Campaign.

Campaign Time: Limited Timing.

Campaign Eligibility:

  • All candidates need to be 18 years old or over.
  • New And Existing Clients.

Campaign Important Notice:

  • Bonus promotions can only be applied once. The
  • bonus is only used as trading margin.
  • Maximum leverage is set to 1:100.