$200 No Deposit Forex Bonus by MeeFX


Are you still searching for the ultimate dream of financial freedom? Look no further than MeeFX and their $200 no deposit Forex bonus offer! With this exclusive offering, you can start trading on the Forex market with absolutely no risk to your own money. This article will explain more about how you can get started and make sure that this exclusive bonus works for you. We’ll explore why it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of, as well as some tips on managing risk while grabbing an impressive return from your trades. Read on if you’re ready to finally join in the exhilarating world of FX currency trading – let’s begin!

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$200 Forex No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • The $200 Forex No Deposit Bonus will be credited to the account in the amount of 200 USD.
  • The $200 Forex No Deposit Bonus is only given 1 time
  • The $200 Forex No Deposit Bonus will be forfeited/withdrawn within 30 days after it has been used or not used.
  • The profit paid is 200 USD
  • You are required to trade a Minimum of 20 Days
  • You must trade at least 30 lots
  • Leverage 1:500
  • Maximum Number of Positions opened at the same time is 10
  • Any client is Prohibited from using VPN and duplicate IP

You are required to share and give a review about the MEEFX Promotion in 20 Facebook groups

Facebook account and promotional sharing must be public and done immediately after receiving the bonus

The name on the Facebook account must be the same as the name registered on meefx, the minimum age of the Facebook account is 3 months and must have at least 200 friendships.

Send your selfie holding a verified document with good resolution

Bonuses can only be withdrawn using local banks in the respective countries, online payments cannot be used

All terms and conditions must be followed, if we find violations and fraud then you are removed from this bonus program and benefits will be permanently cancelled.

This $200 Forex No Deposit Bonus promotion applies to all new clients or existing clients who have joined the meefx Bonus program before.

Checking Facebook, Selfie, IP and Vpn Accounts will be carried out when you withdraw funds, make sure you have followed all the bonus rules set by the company, if we find any violations regarding bonuses then we will cancel all profit withdrawals and bonuses that you get .


This $200 Forex No Deposit Bonus promotion is only valid in the following countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Berunai Darussalam, NTT, Singapore, Pakistan, Turkye, Japan, Philippines, Iran, Palestine, Qatar.

A black tick means that your document has not been examined.

Green Tick It means that your document or condition has been approved.